Enrichment Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Extracurricular activities are an essential component of Sierra Ridge Academic Model™ program. Studies have found that participation in certain extracurricular pursuits significantly reduces a student’s risk of dropping out. Sierra Ridge students have the opportunity to participate in sanctioned sports, intramurals and campus clubs. These activities help students develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills that can be applied to other areas of their lives.


Sierra Ridge students compete against other area high schools in seven sanctioned, competitive sports. Intramurals offer every student the opportunity to play a team sport of their choice and to develop coordination, communication and leadership skills. Talent Shows and coordinated exercise competitions showcase students’ special skills and talents, while campus clubs (chess club and art club) develop our students’ intellect and creativity.

Expanding Horizons

Sierra Ridge students are have unique experiences that are integral components of our program. For over five years, student-cyclists have competed in the Prairie City Race Series Mountain Bike Races. Student-athletes have also attended operas in nearby Sacramento, attended campus tours with college admission teams, and gleaned practical work experience through internships with local businesses.

Leadership and Excellence

Sierra Ridge students practice leadership skills through the Student Council which models excellent behavior, academic proficiency and athletic accomplishment. Sierra Ridge offers its students a Media Production Club—which teaches them skills that they can use in the 21st century workplace. With each new opportunity, our students’ horizons widen, enabling them to envision a brighter vision of success.