Career Tech

Creating opportunities

Through our vocational curriculum, students will gain practical, applicable skills that will enable them to enter the job market with specialized skills and industry-recognized certifications. Our program provides students with tangible work experience both on-campus and in the community.

The Program

Sierra Ridge Academy’s Vocational Program includes:

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    First Aid & CPR Training

    Students earn Red Cross First Aid and CPR certifications which can add to their safety– and the safety of others– in any workplace environment.

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    OSHA Outreach Training is OSHA-authorized to provide a Department of Labor OSHA card, which can be a great baseline of training for most workers across several industries.

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    This industry-recognized certification teaches fundamentals in food prep, nutrition and sanitation.

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    Media Production

    Introduces students to digital photography, video & audio production, interactive media and print production. 

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    CISCO Networking

    Introduces students to digital communications, methodologies and practical installation and preventative maintenance procedures. 

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    Study Skills

    Develops students’ academic skills, with a focus on enhancing successful study habits, note-taking, engaged reading and analytic/critical thinking skills.

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    Career Exploration

    Students learn to create their resumes or CV, write a competitive cover letter, conduct effective job search skills and successful interview techniques. Additional time is spent on job retention and professional development strategies.

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    Students can cultivate their own gardens of vegetables and culinary herbs.