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Sierra Ridge Treatment Center is a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program that offers individual therapy, family therapy and evidence-based skill and rehabilitation groups. Through Rite of Passage’s Integrated Care Model, Sierra Ridge Treatment Center provides a trauma responsive program that is individualized for each youth.

Sierra Ridge Treatment Center has served this vulnerable population for 20 years with a dedicated, veteran management team. Serving this population is our core competency — and our passion.

Integrated Care Model

Sierra Ridge’s program framework includes:

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    Foundation of Safety

    Our model begins with a foundation of physical, psychological and emotional safety accomplished through caring relationships fostered between staff and youth.

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    Understanding Needs & Strengths

    We use nationally-recognized, evidence-based intake assessments to evaluate each youth’s individual strengths, specific needs, and pressing vulnerabilities.

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    Developing & Practicing Skills

    Evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral interventions help youth develop skills to overcome aggression, substance abuse, disruptive behavior, and heal from traumatic events in their lives.

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    Goal Attainment

    As treatment goals are met, new goals are established and the process of positive change is moved forward. We positively reinforce goal attainment by celebrating every youth success.


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